Site Licensing Terms

CD The CD used to install the software program onto the computers that are licensed. Also referred to as a media kit.
Cross-platform Program includes both Macintosh and Windows versions.
Concurrent license/ concurrency Concurrent licenses allow a limited number of users to connect simultaneously to a software application in a network environment.
Key-server A software application license metering package that runs on a server.
Lab pack A shrinkwrapped box of software including an installation CD and licenses to install the software on multiple computers. Documentation is often included in lab packs.
License Legal ability to install software on a specified number of computers.
Licensing An option to purchase multiple copies of software products to install in a multi-user location.
Maintenance An optional addition to license orders that provides automatic upgrades for a certain period of time. Offered by some manufacturers. Different manufacturers use different terms for maintenance (e.g. Microsoft uses the term Software Assurance and Symantec uses upgrade insurance).
Manual User manuals that accompany software. Also referred to as documentation set.
Minimum order Minimum number of points or licenses that must be purchased to be eligible for licensing prices.
Mix and match Ordering different products, amounts, and/or platforms to reach the minimum purchasing requirement; also can be used to reach volume discount levels.
Network dongle Hardware key that attaches to one of the computers on your network (parallel port for Windows computers and ADB or USB port for Macintosh computers) and enables several computers attached to the network to simultaneously run a program.
Online documentation Documentation viewed on the computer via CD.
Platform Please specify Macintosh or Windows. Most programs are not cross platform.
Points Units accumulated to reach a minimum order requirement.
Reorder Option to order additional licenses after the initial license order has been placed.
Serial number A license agreement number assigned by the manufacturer, usually provided on a certificate.
Site licensing An option to purchase multiple copies of software products to install in a multi-user location.
Technical support Professional assistance directly from the manufacturer, usually via phone.
Tier level A level of license pricing based on number of licenses ordered.
Turnaround time Processing time of the license order from start to finish, beginning from when we receive your order.
Upgrades License purchase that updates your current licenses to the most recent version. Offered by some manufacturers.
Uplift to concurrency To upgrade current licenses to concurrent licenses, thereby allowing installation of licenses on more computers than licenses purchased.
Volume discount levels Tiers of license pricing based on number of licenses purchased; the more licenses you purchase, the more you save.