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Robert McNeel And Associates

Rhino 6, Flamingo nXt, Penguin & Bongo Bundle Education Lab Kit

Robert McNeel And Associates Rhino 6, Flamingo nXt, Penguin & Bongo Bundle Education Lab Kit

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Rhino 6/Bongo/Penguin/Flamingo Bundle Education Lab Kit (download version, for sale to schools only, 30-user license for school classroom or network) Windows
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The Rhino 6, Flamingo nXt, Penguin & Bongo 2.0 Education Lab Kit can be used on all the computers in a single classroom or lab and the instructor's computer or as floating license on up to 30 computers in a department (A network and the Zoo is required for floating network license).

Rhino is a 3D modeling tool that can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, solids and polygon meshes.

Flamingo nXt allows you to easily create stunning, life-like images from your 3D models. Flamingo nXt provides a high quality in-Rhino visualization solution.

Penguin is a conceptual, sketch and cartoon, non-photometric scan line renderer. With Penguin you can create stylized images of your models with an artistic look for enhanced graphic and visual appeal.

Bongo 2 brings professional animation into Rhino, using familiar keyframe tools found in most high-end animation packages

<li>8 GB memory (RAM) or more is recommended.</li>
<li>600 MB disk space.</li>
<li>OpenGL 4.1 capable video card is recommended.</li>
<li>No more than 63 CPU Cores.</li>
<li>Multiple-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended.</li>
<li>The <a href="">SpaceNavigator</a> is supported.<br>
<li><em>Apple hardware¬Ýis supported with Bootcamp.</em></li>
</ul><strong>Operating systems</strong>:<br>
<li>Windows¬Ý10, 8.1, or 7</li>
</ul><strong>Internet connection for:</strong><br>
<li>Download and installation.</li>
<li>License validation.</li>
<li>Rhino account for:
<li>Technical support on the <a href="">forum</a>.</li>
<li>Cloud Zoo licence management.</li>
</ul><strong>User recommendations</strong>:<br>
Since we can't test every possible hardware combination, you can get <a href="">hardware recommendations from other users...</a><br>

<br><strong>Not supported</strong>:<br>
<li>Windows 8</li>
<li>Windows XP 64-bit</li>
<li>Windows Vista, NT, 95, 98, ME, or 2000</li>
<li>Windows 32-bit all versions</li>
<li>Virtualization systems on OS X such as VMWare and Parallels</li>
<li>OS X 10.10.4 (early versions of Yosemite) and any earlier versions
</ul>For a 30-user license to use Rhino on the computers in a single classroom or lab (one room), a network is not needed. <br>
A network and <a href="">the Zoo</a> is required for a 30-user floating network license.



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