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Artisan for SketchUp Plug-In (download version) Mac/Windows
Macintosh and Windows
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Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for artists, designers and landscape architects

With powerful subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools, Artisan is ideal for creating:

  • Terrain and landscapes
  • Furniture
  • Characters
  • Abstract sculptures and decorative objects
  • Fabric, curtains, and pillows
  • Vehicles
  • Rocks, Trees, and Plants
Artisan creates smooth and clean meshes that look amazing in renderings and 3D prints. Artisan will give your models that professional touch that you need to really make an impression.

Artisan is free to use for 15 days. After the 15 days have expired, the tools become locked. A license must be purchased to continue use.

Features Include:

Subdivision Surfaces
  • Robust subdivision algorithm that can handle very complex geometry and is not limited to quads and triangles
  • Subdivide and smooth selected faces, groups, or components
  • Crease edges or vertices to create hard edges and points
  • Knife subdivide tool for creating loops
  • Extrude tool to create loops without interior faces
  • Low-poly 'Proxy Mode' that automatically updates the subsurface geometry as you edit
  • Auto-subdivision of selection boundary faces that results in cleaner meshes after subdividing
  • Quickly preview subsurface geometry prior to committing
  • Proper interpolation of UVs for subdivided geometry
Brush Tools
  • Sculpt Brush (sculpt, pinch/spread, flatten, inflate/deflate, smooth/jitter)
  • Select Brush (select faces by performing strokes)
  • Paint Brush (paint SketchUp materials on faces using virtual brushstrokes)
  • Symmetrical sculpting mode using with user-defined work plane
  • Lock vertices to user-defined work plane
Vertex Transformation Tools
  • Soft Selection
  • Soft Move, Rotate, and Scale
  • Make Planar (XY, XZ, YZ, or best fit)

Mesh Optimization (Polygon Reduction)
  • Reduce the number of polygons in a complex mesh while maintaining details

Compatible With:

- SketchUp Make 2016+
- SketchUp Pro 2016+
- PC and Mac



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