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SolidWorks Student Edition 2015-2016 (12-month license)

SolidWorks SolidWorks Student Edition 2015-2016 (12-month license)

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SolidWorks Student Edition 2015-2016 12-month license Windows
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SolidWorks Student Edition files have a watermark and cannot share files with the commercial version of SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Student Edition uses a soft-lock mechanism to limit installation to one computer only.

If a file is created in SolidWorks 2015-2016 Student Edition, can it be opened in SolidWorks 2016-2017 Student Edition when that ships in the future? Yes, this works fine. If a file is created in a newer version, it can't be opened in a previous version (files are not backwards compatible), but the files are fully forward compatible.

SolidWorks Student Edition Installation Instructions, License Agreement, and System Requirements

Please email for installation support.

SolidWorks Student Edition Support Request Form for technical support.

product description

SolidWorks Student Edition

With SOLIDWORKS skills, you'll have a clear advantage in the engineering or industrial design job markets. The easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Student Edition lets you sharpen your skills outside the classroom as you learn to design better products.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition includes SOLIDWORKS Simulation design validation tools.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition includes:
  • 12 month term-of-use license
  • SOLIDWORKS Premium software
  • Animation functionality
  • Library of Standards
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • eDrawings
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, finite element analysis tools (FEA)
  • SOLIDWORKS Motion, kinematic and motion simulation analysis tools
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tools
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • Complete online documentation and tutorials
  • 14 language options: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Korean, Czech, Brazilian, Portuguese and Russian
  • Access to the SOLIDWORKS discussion forums:
  • A network of SolidWorks users throughout the world:
  • A rich website of learning materials and videos:
Purchase Eligibility
  • After placing your order, please submit a signed and dated CURRENT STUDENT/FACULTY PURCHASE APPLICATION along with verification of your Student/Faculty status, i.e., a copy of a current identification card from your educational institution, a confirmed course schedule, or registration confirmation or enrollment confirmation from the registrar's office. Please email the documents to or fax them to 650.934.3234.
  • The SolidWorks Student Edition is available to high school and degree-seeking students or full-time faculty members using the software for personal learning or academic purposes.
  • A “degree-seeking student” is defined as a student who can confirm enrollment in a degree-granting program, or who can confirm full-time enrollment in a certificate-granting program. Do not purchase this software if you're not a degree-seeking student or a full-time faculty member. Commercial and institutional use is prohibited.
  • Select Students, then SolidWorks Student Edition to find installation guide, technical requirements, forums, other information
  • Software ceases to function 12 months after activation
  • Subscription support service is not included
  • Subscription support service (technical support, live support) is not included or available
  • License may not be upgraded
  • Registration requires Internet access
Special terms
  • Although SolidWorks Student Edition is functionally identical to the SolidWorks software used by professionals in the workplace, certain features make it unsuitable for commercial use.
  • Institutional use of SolidWorks Student Edition is prohibited. Schools interested in licensing should contact an authorized SolidWorks reseller.
  • SolidWorks Student Edition software may not be re-sold, transferred, rented, modified, or copied.
  • Any misuse of the terms of the software license agreement will terminate the right to use this software.

system requirements

Product base SolidWorks 2015

Supports Windows platform only [Windows 7 (64 bit only) & Windows 8 (64 bit only)]
NO Support for Windows XP or Windows Vista



manufacturer information

Manufacturer Product Page
SolidWorks Website
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Learning SolidWorks 2015 - Training Video
Learning SolidWorks 2015 - Training Video



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