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SU Podium V2.5 Plus

Cadalog SU Podium V2.5 Plus

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SU Podium V2.5 Plus is a photo-realistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp. SU Podium will turn your SketchUp model into a photo-real image. SU Podium V2.5 Plus employs advanced rendering technology but sticks to its original intention of making photo-realistic rendering for SketchUp an easy and rewarding task. The user interface is simple and does not require advanced knowledge of rendering techniques.

SU Podium uses ray tracing and global illumination to create photo-realistic images. Although the user does not have to be aware of what technology is being used, it's important to note that you can obtain high quality images with realistic reflection and lights, quickly. SU Podium uses multi-threading of your CPU so much of the rendering process will use all your processors (Dual/ Quad/ Eight).

What is SU Podium V2.5 Plus?

  • V2.5 Plus's major new feature is the result of months of R&D to employ a C++ method of processing scenes which make the overall Podium processing scenes in SketchUp up to ten times faster. In larger models, you will notice even more speed gains. What is processing scenes and why should I care? Please read here.
  • V2.5 Plus solves many of the texture mapping distortion in a rendered image such as distorted textures on flipped components. Also, it is able to process .tif files and has much fewer "unknown symbol" messages. Also, the problems with materials that has names like "h" or "m" are gone.
  • V2.5 Plus has a better Tools, Analyse method, helping you to quickly identify problems.
  • PIE has a new DOF feature
  • Section Tools has been included in the SketchUp 2015 version.
  • All other SU Podium V2 Plus features are retained. For a summary of V2 Plus features in addition to the new items in V2.5 Plus, please read here.
  • V2.5 Plus supports SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 Win/Mac, 32/64 bit.
  • For Windows, currently requires Window 7 , 8 or 10

Turn SketchUp textures into materials that reflect and come alive

Click here to watch the material properties video tutorial.

An essential part of creating SketchUp models is applying textures to faces. SU Podium can turn these plain textures into very realistic materials, quickly and intuitively via the Podium material user interface. Reflections, refractions, bump maps and other advanced properties can be applied to a specific SketchUp materials. When rendered these properties bring the model to life by reflecting light and the environment. You can use standard SketchUp materials as well higher resolution textures from a variety of libraries as well as Podium Browser content.

Related to SU Podium Materials
  • Podium Browser Materials. Podium library of higher resolution textures and hundreds of pre-made render ready Podium materials in the Podium Browser.
  • Automatic Materials. When Automatic Materials is on, SU Podium understand that certain SketchUp standard materials will be assigned pre-defined Podium photo-realistic material properties. Using this option can save you a lot of time in applying good reflection, blur, refraction or bump properties to materials if you are using SketchUp standard materials.
Lights - lighting up exteriors and interior
1. Sky Light, Sun Light - Natural Lights

Click here to watch the natural light tutorial video.

SU Podium V2 has two types of natural lights. Sky and Sun. These are both "exterior" lights but will have a lot of effect on interior renderings if you are using windows and openings to the exterior.

Sky light is an ambient light source applied evenly to the entire SketchUp background sky.

Sun light is another source of natural light. Sun light is only on when SketchUp Shadows are on. The sun's brightness and exposure can be controlled by a number of variables easily including SketchUp shadows time of day and year. When sun light is on, you can use Podium's Physical Sky to create a realistic sky background with atmospheric qualities such as turbidity.

2. Artificial Lights - LEM, Omni's and spot lights.

Click here to watch the artificial light tutorial video.

a. LEM Light

LEM light is one type of artificial light source in SU Podium V2 and will create lights that emit light in one direction away from the face of a specific material.

Hidden LEM is where the entire LEM material will be hidden in the rendered image. This is a powerful feature that lets you hide the light source but creates an evenly distributed light.

b. Omni Lights/ Point lights

Omni light or Point light is an artificial light source which emits light uniformly in all directions, similar to a light bulb. To insert an omni light or point light, click on the point light icon in the tool bar and drag an omni light into the model. The omni light/ point light is a SketchUp group called a light group. You can see the light group in SketchUp's outliner.

c. Spot Lights

Spot lights are a type of omni light but allow you to control the direction of the light and light fall off area. Please read more detail about Spot Lights and the Podium Light System here.

d. Podium Browser: Render Ready light fixtures

SU Podium V2 comes with a plug-in called the SU Podium Browser. This provides hundreds of render ready light fixtures that have artificial lights embedded in them and are ready to render. Using these render ready light fixtures can greatly reduce the time involved in setting up the SketchUp model for interior lighting.

SU Podium Browser - Render Ready Content

SU Podium Browser is a growing library of render ready components that can be dragged and dropped into the SketchUp model and then rendered. This plug-in comes installed with SU Podium and provides hundreds of free light fixtures, high resolution textures, 2D face-me plants and trees and household components. SU Podium Browser also has a rapidly growing number of advanced components that require a purchase fee called the Podium Browser Paid Content.

  • V2.5 Plus supports SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Win/Mac, 32/64 bit.
  • For Windows 7/ 8 /10 and Mac Sierra El Capitan, Yosemite



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