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XfrogPlants Volume Bundle

Xfrog Inc. XfrogPlants Volume Bundle

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XfrogPlants Volume Bundle (download version) Mac/Windows
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You are reading this because you need plants. You are not someone who wants to muck about searching for one plant to repeat around a scene - you are a professional landscape architect, and your clients are very serious about accurate representation of the plants you will place in their building sites. Or, you are a post-production studio boss and you realize you need to sell your clients wholly believable digital environmental set design, You know that all client work is headed that direction, because you've come to the realization that actors are blue screened for exactly the purpose of throwing them into 3d backgrounds full of computer generated plants, and so you've stumbled across this "Xfrog" stuff to consider. Or, you are a working stiff, down there in the cubicles of hell and you've seen our work in Avatar, or Planet of the Apes, or any of the dozens of other movies starring our plants (to see more credits, click here) or you've heard about us at Disney/Pixar, WETA, Digital Domain, ILM, Sony, Dreamworks, and you suddenly realize that maybe you don't need to model a goshdarn FOREST when you can buy it for pennies, and you can focus on lighting them. In fact you realize if your boss will step up, you will never have to model a tree again! Lordy! Or maybe you are a game designer, and you don't want to pay endless licensing fees to company X, you just want a bucketload of plants that you can poly-reduce and for a one-time cost and happily forget those companies that keep bugging you about licensing their content!

These plants are native to every corner of the Earth, so no matter what plants you need, you will have them at your fingertips.

These plants were painstakingly created by botanical experts and have a very broad depth of location, season, and useability, and unlike any of our competitors, each plant species has botanically correct, three to nine variations of age, and many have seasons as well.

Also unique to our plants, we have included both high quality perspective renders and rendered billboards for each plant. Each is a large, non-compressed TIF with embedded alpha cutout, so you can drag and drop over 1,000 plants into Photoshop for quick comps, use them in compositing, or texture them onto single polygons to add a believable low-poly forest of oaks, grasses, bushes, etc., to your scene. This is how you want life to be - low-poly plants for backgrounds and high-end, high-poly "Hero" plants for foreground elements.

Please, have a close look at these 2k renders created entirely using XfrogPlants VOLUME 1 and using XfrogPlants VOLUME 2

Volume 1:
Africa | Autumn | Basic | Blossoming
Bonsai | Europe 1 | Europe 2 | Flowers 1
Flowers 2 | Fruit | Groundcover | Houseplants
Japan | Mediterranean | Prehistoric | Red Sea
Shrubs | Tropical | USA Conifers | USA East
USA Southwest | USA West

Volume 2:
Asia | Agriculture | Europe 3
Flowers 3 | Home Garden | Landscaping
Oceania 1 | Oceania 2 | Oceania 3

Minimum 256 MB RAM
Hardware or software support for OpenGL



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