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PowerProduction Software

Martini, the QuickShot Creator for Final Cut Pro

PowerProduction Software Martini, the QuickShot Creator for Final Cut Pro

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Martini, the QuickShot Creator for Final Cut Pro Mac
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Now, bridging the gap between your unshot scenes and your final edit is faster and easier than ever with the shot-creating power of Martini!

Don't get blacked out! No more black slugs with text explaining what "shot goes here" - SHOW that shot wth the dynamic power of Martini. From single shots to multi-shot sequences, Martini helps directors and editors piece together a better final film.

Loaded with hundreds of classic and unique shot styles Martini's easy-to-use interface guides you through the quick creation of frames. Select a shot style, from single person up to 5 people in a shot...everything you need from basic over-the-shoulder shots, two and three shots, close-ups as well as fight scenes, chase scenes and other pre-composed multi-shot sequences.

Martini Features:

- Hundreds of Pre-designed shots and sequences
- Packed with location and backdrop shots
- Import digital photos/custom backgrounds
- Stylish characters to populate your shot
- Easy creation of shot descriptions and subtitles
- Composite Frame allows you to zoom in and out of any object
- Cropping tool easily erases anything you don't want in your shot
- Integrate real footage with your Martini sequences
- Preview entire sequences, change durations, reaarange sequences
- Export your sequences to Final Cut Pro
- Works with StoryBoard Quick
- Easy to navigate interface makes shot creation fast!
- Save tons of time and money visualizing your future shots

- OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or OS X 10.7 (Lion) or OS X 10.6, 10.5 or OS X 10.4+ Universal Binary
- Final Cut Pro X, 7, 6
- 250 MB RAM
- 1 GB HD Space
- 24-bit Color Display



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