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Fontographer 5

FontLab Fontographer 5

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Fontographer 5 (download version, for sale to schools and faculty only) Mac
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Fontographer 5 (download version, for sale to schools and faculty only) Windows
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Easy yet powerful font editor

With Fontographer 5, it’s easy to design new typefaces and to customize existing fonts, and the result will be high-quality fonts that can reliably work across different operating systems.

  • Create new fonts
  • Customize existing fonts, add extra characters
  • Fine-tune spacing and kerning
  • Fix problems in bad fonts
  • Convert old fonts to a new format
In version 5 (available for both Mac OS X and Windows), we’ve made Fontographer even easier to use: without specialized knowledge about font formats and font technology, any FOG user is able to create professional-quality fonts.
The secret behind this is our own unparalleled font technology know-how. The mature FontLab Studio engine, combined with brand-new sophisticated algorithms, provide the technical underpinnings for the new Fontographer 5. In fact, FOG 5 is even able to read and export FontLab VFB files, so exchanging documents between different font editors is easy!

Looks smooth, rocks hard
While FontLab Fontographer 4.7 was a small improvement over version 4.1, the new version 5 is truly a major overhaul of the product. We’ve remained close to the Fontographer spirit yet brought the improvements necessary for a modern font creator in the 21st century.

Our work on Fontographer 5 was like a restoration of a classic car. We’ve kept the familiar, elegant body that users love, giving it just a subtle facelift. And then we’ve replaced the old inefficient engine by modern cutting-edge technology.

Seasoned users of Fontographer 3 and 4 will quickly find themselves at home, and new users will find the product very easy to learn.

New Features in Version 5
The highlights of the new Fontographer 5 version include:

User interface
  • NEW! Glyph antialiasing (smoothing) in all application windows
  • IMPROVED! Glyph window zoom level up to 1600%
  • IMPROVED! Radically redesigned and updated, easy-to-use Font Info dialog for editing the relevant technical parameters for all font formats, including OpenType, with updated, intelligent, automatic generation of OpenType-compatible font family naming and of cross-plattform linespacing values
  • NEW! Powerful Spotlight-like glyph search feature that allows you to quickly highlight or select glyphs based on the Unicode codepoint, glyph name or Unicode character name (including wildcards)
  • NEW! Easy access to the unencoded glyphs (OpenType alternates) using the FontLab prefix convention
  • IMPROVED! Metrics and kerning editing in the Metrics Window
  • IMPROVED! Manual editing of Type 1 hints
Font formats and international support
  • NEW! Font generator and reader for OpenType fonts (both PS/.otf and TT/.ttf flavor) with 20,000+ glyphs
  • NEW! Reads Mac Type 1 font suitcases (FFIL), Mac datafork suitcases (.dfont) and TrueType Collections (.ttc)
  • IMPROVED! Opening and generation of Type 1 fonts, using cutting-edge FontLab technology
  • IMPROVED! Full Unicode compatibility (fonts and user interface), including support for the Unicode Standard version 5.2
  • NEW! OpenType Layout features can be defined using the most recent Adobe FDK for OpenType (AFDKO) version 2.5 syntax
  • NEW! Modern OpenType-compatible encodings and a full set of international encodings
  • NEW! Support for OpenType digital signatures (DSIG) NEW! Reads and exports the FontLab VFB format for easy integration into a FontLab-based workflow
  • NEW! Great screen font quality thanks to the integrated Adobe PostScript autohinter and the excellent FontLab TrueType autohinter
  • NEW! Integrated Adobe Type 1 and Microsoft TrueType rasterizers for high-quality bitmap generation from hinted outlines, and the ability to export the bitmaps in BDF format
Operating system and application support
  • IMPROVED! Runs natively on Mac OS X (universal binary), Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • IMPROVED! Copy-paste and import-export of Illustrator and Freehand outline artwork
  • IMPROVED! Copy-paste and import bitmap images for autotracing …plus countless additional improvements and bug fixes.

Fontographer 5 for Windows: Modern Intel-compatible computer with 64 MB RAM and a hard drive, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Fontographer 5 for Windows is a 32-bit Windows application, but can run on 64-bit. On Windows 8 or Windows 10, Fontographer needs to be run in XP compatibility mode.

Fontographer 5 for Mac: Intel-based Mac computer with 64 MB RAM and a hard drive. Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (including Mac OS X 10.11). Works in half-res mode on Retina screens. Fontographer 5 for Mac is a 32-bit universal binary application.



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