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SmartScore Midi Edition

Musitek SmartScore Midi Edition

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SmartScore Midi Edition Mac/Windows
Macintosh and Windows
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The perfect tool for the pianist, whether professional or student.
Audition piano arrangements within seconds. Print in new keys.
Limits: 2 staves / no text or lyrics / no TAB or percussion.

Turn your scanner into a player piano.

Play, transpose and print out piano or solo scores from scanned sheet music or from PDF files. Highly-accurate recognition captures nuances, tempos, pedal markings and contrapuntal voices (see notes in red to the right). Piano Edition is a valuable learning tool for any pianist or soloist. Arpeggios, glissandi and other performance properties can be modified with a single click. Practice along at slow speeds without affecting pitch. Mute, solo or diminish volume of a staff or voice during playback. Resize, reformat, and reset margins of your printed output.

More accuracy, more features and even more simplicity

- Smart scanning interface with automatic scanner settings. No expertise required. Automatic resolution (dpi) selection. Simplified multi-page scanning within a single file.
- Recogntion accuracy exceeds 99% on well-printed scores.
- Recognizes more musical symbols more accurately.
- Complex structures recognized including repeats, segnos, coda signs, broken systems (coda breaks), cross-staff beaming/voicing, optimized systems, ossias and grace notes.

More accurate playback

- Realistic nuance. Most all tempo, dynamic and articulation marks are recognized and automatically applied to playback.
- Assign different instrument sounds to parts with a single click. Assign different sounds to contrapuntal voices!
- Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
- Automatic Drum Groove instantly adds rhythms based on style and beat. Insert unlimited number of grooves.
- Graphical velocity and tempo controllers for varying dynamics/tempo.
- Control default playback behavior of trills, accents, ritards, hairpins, accelerandos, pickup and closeout measures.
- MIDI editor includes familiar Piano Roll, Overview and Event List. Two-way Notes-MIDI-Notes transparency.

Advanced music editing

- New scoring environment rebuilt from the ground-up for maximum ease and simplicity. Now it's easier than ever to edit scanned in music or to create professional scores.
- Flexible score displays: Continuous horizontal view or Multi-page view.
- Error check automatically highlights problem measures
- System width tabs. Plus line, staff and system spacing tabs.
- Advanced page layout controls and print previewing. Create production-quality page formats for print or PDF output.

More Useful Functions

- Transpose by key or by clef for diverse instruments
- Extract parts out of scores or combine parts into a conductor’s score
- Program and Document preferences. Change the look and feel of the interface to suit your needs.
- Karaoke view with moving or stationary bouncing ball and moving or refreshed lyrics.
- Add "hidden" obects from view and from printing.
- Create musical scores from preset templates or from imported MIDI files
- Create Audio-CDs from finished files. Save to MusicXML, Finale, MIDI, NIFF and PDF file formats.


- Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 200x or better (Win 8 compatible)
- Pentium I or better
- 1 GB RAM recommended


- OS 10.4 or later
- G3 or better / Dual Core for Universal
- 1 GB RAM recommended



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