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Xfrog 3.5 Full Version

Xfrog Inc. Xfrog 3.5 Full Version

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Xfrog 3.5 Full version (download version) Windows
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Xfrog Full contains all the modeling features of Lite, plus has animation capabilities - all sliders can be keyframed and the result imported into Maya, 3ds max, Lightwave, and Cinema4D. Xfrog 3.5 Full has many thousands of users worldwide, including Sony Imageworks, Intel Research, the BBC, Moving Picture Company, and many more. Xfrog 3.5 Full contains the most advanced modeling and animation functionality available for organic use. Purchasing Xfrog Full 3.5 entitles you to all 3.x product updates and includes the newly refreshed Basic Library, a XfrogPlants Library of 20 species of common trees from around the world, with 3 age variations of each tree ( 60 Models in both XFR and a format of your choice, Reference Manual and Tutorials PDF documents, and Demo version and Reference Manual PDF documents for XfrogTune, and various model and render samples from the XfrogPlants Libraries. The included Basic Library also includes 60 Billboards and 60 Perspective Renders, both with alpha, for super-clean single polygon texturing or compositing (you can drag and drop them into Photoshop with excellent results). As well a print resolution PDF in 5 languages is enclosed with the Basic library.

The philosophy behind Xfrog is to offer various mathematical procedural components to provide a way to simulate various types of mathematical structures found in nature.

Xfrog offers 10 components, each with a different function:

Simple, Horn, Tree, Leaf - These are used to build.

Revo, Hydra, Phiball, Wreath - These are used to multiply and distribute in specific ways.

Attractor, HyperPatch - These are used for local or global distortions.

All the components can be animated by varying their parameters, such as number of branches, crookedness, randomness, strength of attraction, gravity, and phototropism. With such techniques, a quite convincing flower can be built and animated very easily , or a tree can be modeled and grown. Or an architectural model can be constructed using components which describe a multiplied sequence of elements around a corkscrew path.

PC with minimum 400 mhz processor, OpenGL graphics support, 256 or higher RAM.



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