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Rhino 5.0 for Mac
Volume Licensing for Schools

Rhino 5 for Mac is a 3D modeling tool that can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, solids and polygon meshes.

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Educational Lab Kit (30-user license for school classroom or network) Mac 
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Educational School Kit (Lab Kit + 50 Educational single-user licenses) Mac 
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Educational School Kit (Lab Kit + 100 Educational single-user licenses) Mac 
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Additional Educational single-user licenses for School Kit (minimum purchase 50, price per user) Mac 
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Need only one copy?

Minimum order One Lab Kit - can be deployed in one of two ways:
1. 30-user license on the computers in a single classroom or lab (one room). A network is not required.
OR 2. As a 30-user floating network license. A network and the Zoo is required.

One School Kit - includes one lab kit + educational single-user licenses. Lab Kit licenses are installed on school owned computers (see Lab Kit description) and educational single-user licenses are installed on students, teachers, staff owned computers.
Mix & Match Not available
Reorder Not available
Upgrades Available for some products. License serial number required.
Maintenance Not available
Concurrency Only available if you deploy in a network setting using Zoo.
CDs & Manuals Delivered electronically via email. Download link and license information will be emailed to the end user.
Platform Windows only
Turnaround time 2-3 business days



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