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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology Volume Licensing for Schools and Nonprofits

Minimum order Houghton Mifflin multi-packs, flex licensing and network licenses are available in the following configurations:
School Edition: 2 CDs, install on up to 1 or 2 computers
Lab Pack: 6 CDs, install on up to 6 computers
Flex Licensing: Minimum order is 25 licenses. Additional licenses may be purchased corresponding with the correct tier level.
Network License: 1 networkable CD for 50 concurrent users to be installed on a single file server at one school site.
Mix & Match Not Available. If Flex Licensing is part of an order, then any addtional licenses ordered must be FLEX licenses (minimum 25 units applies). If a Network license (50 users) is ordered and additional licenses are needed, then additional Network licenses must be ordered.
Reorder Not available
Upgrades Available direct from Houghton Mifflin. Please call 888-242-6747 for details.
Maintenance Not available
Concurrency Not available
CDs & Manuals Included with order. Only 1 Install Media required for installation. Quantity of install CDs supplied varies per product and are considered as extra copies with no additional fee. Media, once installed, is not required to be resident in PC to run program.
Platform Varies with product titles. Licenses may be cross platform, or platform needs to be specified with order.
Turnaround time 7-10 business days

Please click on the individual product name for detailed pricing information.  View complete price list for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology volume licensing.



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