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Adobe Student & Teacher Editions - How to obtain your Serial Number

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How do I receive my free upgrade?
What is an educational/non-profit version?
What is the difference between educational/non-profit and commercial versions?
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Do I qualify for educational/non-profit discounts?
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Volume Licensing
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Problems placing an order?
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Feel free to call and place your order by phone. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time. If you have additional questions, please email .

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I can't find a product.
Please fill out this form to tell us what you're looking for, and we will contact you regarding your request.

How do I receive my free upgrade?
If you purchased a product from Creation Engine that qualifies for a free upgrade, please contact the manufacturer directly. For Adobe products call 800.833.6687 to receive your free upgrade. If required, you may request a copy of your invoice.

What is the difference between commercial and educational/non-profit discount versions?
What is the difference between the products offered on this website and the commercial versions of these products?
Most of the programs available on our website at an educational/non-profit discount are functionally identical to the commercial versions. As a qualified educational or non-profit customer, you are eligible to purchase software at a discount price.

Is this software a legal, licensed copy?
Yes, the software we offer are new, legal licenses copies from the manufacturers we represent. Creation Engine, Inc. is an authorized educational/non-profit retailer for the products listed on this website. Once you register your software, you will be in full compliance with software copyright regulations.

Where is my download license?
Download licenses are not instant. Manufacturers require that we collection educational/non-profit proof before your download license can be emailed to you. Once your proof is verified and payment is received, your license and link to download the software will be emailed to you. Please note that some licenses take 24-48 hours before they're emailed as we have to wait for the license from the manufacturer. We are closed on the weekend and some major holidays, so if a download order is placed during those times, the earliest your download license will be processed is the next business day. If you would like the status of your download license order, please email us or call us at 800.431.8713.

Do I qualify for educational/non-profit discounts?
To order from Creation Engine, Inc. and receive educational/non-profit prices, you must be a current student, faculty member or staff member of an accredited U.S. academic institution (grade school, high school, technical school, college or university) or your organization must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Home-schooled students may qualify for discounts. School purchase orders are also sufficient proof for educational discounts. Additional details can be found here.

What are your policies?
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School/Non-profit Volume and Site License Pricing
Adobe, Microsoft, and other companies offer substantial software discounts to schools through educational volume licensing. Volume licensing is for schools that need multiple copies of the same software to outfit campus networks, computer labs, or classrooms. Volume licensing offers 30-70% off educational discount prices on single copies. Volume licensing is available to K-12 and higher-education accredited institutions. Many companies also offer volume license discount to non-profits.

Visit to find manufacturer-specific pricing.

Where can I find the serial numbers for my volume licenses?
Adobe   Adobe licenses, serial numbers, and software downloads can be accessed at
Microsoft   Microsoft licenses, serial numbers, and software downloads can be accessed at
Other   Please for manufacturers not listed.

Where are my maintenance or software assurance upgrades?
Maintenance upgrades are delivered directly by the manufacturer usually via email. If you have not received an update, please contact the manufacturer directly.


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