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usually ships same day
Creation Engine usually ships this product the same day if ordered before 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Over 99% of ordered items marked "usually ships same day" ship the same day. Occasionally, a product marked "usually ships same day" does not ship the same day, because customer(s) recently purchased all the units in stock, resulting in backorders until receipt of the next shipment of the product. For download products, an email with your serial number and download instructions are usually sent within 48 hours. Please note that Creation Engine needs to receive or have on file current proof of a customer's academic affiliation before any product is shipped.

usually ships same day or next business day
The product usually ships the same day or the next business day if ordered before 1:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Often, products marked "usually ships same day or next business day" are shipped directly from the product manufacturer. Please note that Creation Engine needs to receive or have on file current proof of a customer's academic affiliation before any product is shipped.

emailed in 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 business days
Once proof of academic affiliation and payment are received, Creation Engine will email the download information and serial number or authorization code for a software download in the time frame listed for the product.

special order
Creation Engine does not usually stock this product. Most products marked "special order" are still shipped within two to five business days. In some cases, special order items take longer than five working days to ship due to limited distributor or manufacturer inventory.

For volume licensing orders, please review each manufacturer's policies and turnaround times.

currently backordered
Creation Engine usually maintains stock of this product and currently has the product on order from the distributor or manufacturer. However, due to unexpected lack of stock at the distributor or manufacturer warehouse, the product is currently backordered at Creation Engine. You will not be billed for backordered items until they ship.

"Pre-order" products are new products recently released by the respective manufacturers. Creation Engine still has not received initial stock of "pre-order" products. Most "pre-order" products are available within two to five weeks. You will not be billed for pre-order items until they ship.

general comments
At Creation Engine, we actively replenish our inventory by placing orders with distributors and manufacturers every business day. This ensures that most popular products we offer remain in stock and are ready to ship immediately. This also enables us to order special order products immediately within one working day when a customer places an order for special order products.

For shipments within the United States, if some products in your order are in stock, but some are backordered, Creation Engine will ship the in-stock products immediately. As your backordered products arrive in stock, we will ship them immediately and pay the shipping fees for all backorder deliveries. For international orders, Creation Engine ships orders only after all products are in stock and ready to ship.



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